Nissan Primera GT Saloon

Having recently had another baby, it became clear that the 3-door Micra was a bit too small for two kids and a pushchair in the boot, so I started looking for something a bit more practical. Luckily I woke up one morning, checked my phone and noticed an ad for a Primera P11 GT Saloon on the MSC Facebook group page of all places. After seeing the photo, I was set on buying it, and the price of £600 was very reasonable too. A few days later, I took the train up to Leicester with a mate and the deal was done, plus I got £50 off because one of the rear doors wouldn’t open – more on that later. The drive home was amazing, so much power compared to the Micra and it was fairly comfortable… and loud.

The car already had a few mods done to it, some I’ll be keeping, some I’ll be taking off:
  • Almera N16 OEM 6″ alloys – keeping those
  • Toyosports 4 branch manifold – keeping that
  • Aftermarket backbox (can’t remember the make) – will be removing that as it’s too loud for family use
  • Lowered 50mm on the front and 40mm at the back – will raise the front 10mm to clear speedbumps
  • Megane front splitter – not sure about that yet, I kind of like it
I’ve been driving it around for a few weeks so I can get familiar with it and work out what other bits need doing.  Once I have my workspace sorted, I’ll SORN the Primera and get started.  It will be a slow project, as dictated by available time and money, but hopefully fairly thorough.  The list I’ve compiled is below:
  • Locate and repair rush patches on floorpan and sills, weld up any holes where possible.
  • Full underbody and arch underseal.
  • Check interior floorpan for rust, repair as necessary.
  • Exterior rust patches – grind back and repaint.
  • Remove and refit spoiler, ensure any gaps are sealed.
  • Powercoat wheels.
  • Fill in small dents.
  • Yellow tint fogs. 
  • Tidy up exhaust opening on rear bumper.
  • Fix rear bumper fitment.
  • Respray.
  • Remove suspension components (beams, links etc). Refurbish where possible and replace worn or broken components.
  • Replace and/or uprate bushes.
  • Uprated shocks.
  • Check condition of springs, and replace if necessary.
  • New stainless exhaust system.
  • Air-con delete.
  • Refit stock SR20 airbox.
  • Engine bay clean.
  • Paint cam cover.
  • New clutch.
  • Figure out why it’s losing oil.
  • Adjust handbrake.
  • Replace drivers seatbelt.
  • Fix nearside rear door.
  • Treat leather interior, replace torn parts where necessary.
  • Replace boot sill plastic and floor carpet.
  • Fix creaking front seats.
  • New gear knob.
  • New boot seal.
  • Fix flickering offside map light.
  • Replace dashboard lamps.
  • Fit tail clusters (with clear indicator lenses).
  • Dash camera install (front and back).
  • Replace boot lid wiring loom.
  • Fit head unit.
  • Upgrade stock speakers.
  • Install OEM style slim subwoofer.